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Tree Shade

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The tree shade is perfect for avoiding the rain, and it's a good place to sleep and rest when the winter isn't around. It also provides amazing space to see the stars at night.



Sharp opened one eye, then another. It was nice sleeping in the shadow, but he couldn't stay there all day long - he had more important stuff to do. For example, he needed to hunt. Then walk around and see if any cats dared to put a paw on the Shadow Cats' territory. Then ask Shadowclaw what else do he has to do. Then do it and ask again.
He stretched and yawned. Then he went to the [Parking Lot]



The brown stripped cat worked up with his tail tickling his noise. I hate it when I'm doing this, Shadowheart thought. He got up and stretched, then walked out into the [Tree Shade] to see if any of the other members of the Shadow Cats had woken up yet. He saw Sharp up and around.



I wonder... Shadowheart thought. "Hey Sharp, you good with coming with me to do something?" He asked



"C"mom Sharp, I've got something for you to do," Shadowheart said. (Or Shadeclaw)


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You are here » The Rise of Cats » Shadow Cats » Tree Shade